Ladbrokes ~ Deal or No Deal Game

What Is Deal Or No Deal?

Deal Or No Deal is an online version of the massively popular TV show. Pick a box then reveal the contents of the remaining ones. Will you hold your nerve or Take the offer when the Banker calls?

The Deal or No Deal Game with Ladbrokes

In Deal or No Deal Game there are 26 boxes, each containing a different prize value. At the start you must select one box to remain unopened until the end. Choose carefully, the aim is to select the box containing the top prize. Afterwards there are several rounds in which you must open the remaining boxes to reveal their contents. After each round The Banker will make an offer for your box. You either take the deal or decline it to play on. Every game has a payout; the longer you keep the big money in play the more The Banker is forced to increase their offer.

How To Play Deal or No Deal at Ladbrokes

Placing Bets

Choose your stake using the stake selector. As you change your stake you can see the potential payouts change in the pay tables to the left and right of the game window. Then choose a box to keep. Click to open the remaining boxes in a sequence of rounds to reveal their contents or you have the option to use the “Quickpick” functionality that will randomly select the boxes to reveal. After each round the banker will ring with an offer for your box. Click on the telephone to answer the call and view the offer. Choose DEAL to accept the offer or NO DEAL to reject it and play on.

When there are only two boxes left The Banker will make their final offer. Rejecting the offer will reveal both boxes and pay out the amount within the box you chose at the start of the game.


The following number of boxes must be opened in each round:


  • 1 - 6 Boxes
  • 2 - 5 Boxes
  • 3 - 5 Boxes
  • 4 - 4 Boxes
  • 5 - 4 Boxes
  • 6 - Final Offer
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Play Ladbroke's Deal Or No Deal now!

Play Ladbroke"s Deal or No Deal now!

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Ladbrokes ~ Deal or No Deal Game

How to play deal or no deal game

The UK deal or no deal game show is much more interactive then other international deal or no deal game versions. It is also themed in every episode. However this doesn’t change the rules of how you will play deal or no deal in the Channel 4 show. Also you may want to try to play deal or no deal online at the various recommended sites listed at our website This is a preview of “How to play deal or no deal game”.